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To serve means to render assistance, be of use, or help. Service, then, means assistance to an individual or a group. We help other D.A. members by attending meetings, listening, and sharing our own experiences. We help the group by performing tasks such as chairing or leading the meeting, being treasurer, or taking notes at a business meeting. In D.A. we learn to define service as giving to others what we have so generously been given.

The primary purpose of our Fellowship is to carry the message to other compulsive debtors who still suffer, so any service, no matter how small, is important. Helping to set up and put away chairs or taking telephone calls from other D.A. members are simple ways in which we can give service right from the beginning. We are encouraged to give what we can, when we can.

Service is one of the three legacies of DA and is interdependent with Recovery and Unity. As our responsibility pledge says, “I pledge to extend my hand and offer the hope of recovery to anyone who reaches out to Debtors Anonymous.” 

To learn more about the why, what, and how of service in DA, access our entire DA Service Handbook here!

The only requirement to start a new DA meeting is a desire to do so with the help of our DA Meeting formula.

We are all different in our patterns of debting and recovery. Most DA Meetings have a focus that may be of more interest to some individuals than to others as short-term recovery needs and desires may be different.

If you would like to have a meeting available that focuses on your area of interest, what could be a better way than to start one yourself? Being of service is one of the most important tools in our recovery, keeping us coming back and remaining solvent.

Before starting a DA Meeting, it is suggested that you first attend a variety of DA Meetings and familiarize yourself with different formats.

See a meeting example here!

What is Parliamentary Procedure? It is the set of rules designed to maintain order and control in DA business meetings where group decisions and actions are necessary.
Advantages of Parliamentary Procedure 

1) Business is carried out quickly and with ease.
2) The views and rights of each member are recognized.
3) Decisions are democratic and efficient.

To learn more about Parliamentary Procedure, look here!

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